Pawpaw Cocktail: Petticoat


It’s an annual tradition at this point. Since 2015, we’ve published pawpaw cocktail recipes around the cusp of autumn.?First, there was?the elegant Appalachian Martini. Then we shared?The Mabon, a spicy…

Pawpaw Whiskey Sour


Pawpaws aren’t just for eating. A while back, my friend Kat, an officer in the U.S. Air Force and aspiring mixologist, decided to try drinking North America’s largest native fruit….

Doughnuts with Appalachian Flair


How would you make an?“Appalachian doughnut”? Maybe?top it with moonshine glaze?or fill it with pawpaw puree? One family has taken up the challenge. In Charleston, West Virginia, they’re selling fried?dough…

Pawpaw Cocktail: The Mabon


You might remember The Appalachian Martini, a pawpaw-infused cocktail that showed how classy our mountains can be. Well, it’s that time of year again. Appalachia’s favorite fruit is falling from…

Ready to Lead a Photo Contest?

Fresh baked apple pie photographed by Tiffany Welsh—one of many beautiful submissions to Appalachian Appetite: A Food Photo Contest.

Appalachian Appetite: A Food Photo Contest has become a perennial favorite for the region’s shutterbugs. They’ve submitted mouthwatering images and helped change how we think about?modern mountain?food. (Appalachian goulash, anyone?)…

3 Start Ups: Only in Appalachia

Joe James, who is using sorghum to clean coal toxins from West Virginia soil, speaks during the Rural Entrepreneurship Summit.

The thing that struck me about?the Rural Entrepreneurship Summit was the granola. I mean, it wasn’t the only thing—there were also amazing small business people in the room along with…

Appalachian Appetite Winners


The 2016?Appalachian Appetite food photo contest focused on family recipes. These are the kinds of?dishes that connect us to forbearers, people who passed long before we were born; dishes that…

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